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Island Counselling

Island Counselling


Beatrice Pentland

NCS Acc.Dip Counselling, PG Cert

Counselling Supervision.

I am a qualified senior accredited counsellor and supervisor with The National Counselling Society (NCS)


Client Feedback

“I found the therapeutic space a helpful place to explore and understand my world better enabling me to make helpful decisions”


“I always felt emotionally safe in my counselling sessions, the counsellor was non-judgemental and enabled me to resolve many internal issues.”


“The past effects people, some let it decide who they are, while others make it part of what

they will do.”

Eric Berne


I am experienced counsellor and have worked with individuals experiencing a wide range of issues , stress, depression, relationship difficulties, eating disorders, transitions in life, bereavement and loss. Each person is unique and I try to listen well and understand your world from your perspective so that I can help you find a better place to enjoy living well.

Difficulties in relationships are often a trigger for people to seek counselling help so I trained as a Relate counsellor in 2016 to help my understanding. I work with couples both at Relate Guernsey and privately.