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Island Counselling


To find out more or to discuss what might work best for you, please get in touch.

BEATRICE: 07781 433271



How much does it cost?

Standard fee: £50 per session, concession fee: £35; couple counselling £70  for 1.5 hours.

Is what I tell you in confidence?

All information disclosed to the counsellor is treated as confidential. Should I feel a client is either a danger to themselves or to others, I reserve the right to inform outside agencies, but would not do so without, wherever possible, informing the client first.

Are you a member of a professional body?

Yes, I am a member of the National Counselling Service and adhere to their Code of Ethics. Copies of these are available on request.

What can I expect from the counselling process?

During our work together I will review progress and consider and/or decide what further work/action/referral may be required. Sessions usually last for an hour normally on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

I am committed to providing a safe, therapeutic environment for all clients. Within the therapeutic relationship we are making a commitment of time and energy to each other in deciding to work together and it is significantly important that the client realises that each session belongs to them to explore whatever they wish to.